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Student Recital

This is a safe and supportive environment for performers of all ages and levels, especially for beginners and those students with no previous performing experience.


Date: Jan 11, Feb 22, Mar 15, Apr. 12, May 10-2021

Location: Cambridge Community Church (550 S. Cambridge Drive, Goleta)

Time: 7:00 pm

Fee: $10 per student not to exceed $20 per family. Students representing two studios, $10 per studio not to exceed $20 per family. $30 per ensemble of three or more. (All fees non-refundable).

Recital Dress Code

The Dress Code is meant to foster an atmosphere of safety and respect for both students and audience.

Appropriate clothing:
-Dresses or skirt and top. Dress or skirt must be long enough to sufficiently cover upper leg when standing, sitting, or bending over to adjust piano bench. Tights may be worn under dresses or skirts. When in doubt, longer is best.

-Dress slacks, collared shirt and tie, or other fancy top. Suits are also acceptable.
-Shoes must be appropriate to allow walking up steps and pedaling.

Inappropriate clothing:

-No jeans, athletic clothing, ripped clothing, or flip flops allowed. No visible undergarments (boxers, bras, underwear. Camisoles OK). No visible midriff.


Recital Etiquette

It is each teacher's responsibility to convey to both students and parents proper audience behavior at any music recital.


1. Out of courtesy to all who are performing, audience members and students are required to remain for the entire recital including Student Recitals, Branch Honors Recital, Festivals and Showcases. (Any student leaving early from Festivals will not be eligible for Showcases.)


2. Arrive in a timely fashion. Any late arrivals should enter between performances to avoid disruption. (Students arriving late for Festivals will not be eligible for Showcases.)


3. All performers must dress according to the MTAC dress code.


4. Applause is appropriate only at the end of the student's entire performance. Please, no clapping between movements or in between multiple pieces. Enthusiastic applause at the end of the performance is highly recommended and much appreciated!


5. No texting or other distracting device activity during the recital. No flash photography. Parents may only record their child’s performance.


6. No sick children. Sick students will not be allowed to perform.


7. No babies or toddlers. 


All students who perform in a recital setting have put a lot of time and effort into preparation. Following these simple guidelines assures a smoothly flowing program and shows courtesy to all  who perform. Thank you!

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